Lost? Let the Words Find You

I love words.

They delight me.

So when I tell you because of a post I read this morning on Domestically Speaking’s blog … that I just spent an hour (or more) creating and printing up this Wordle

you won’t think me crazy.

Because the exercise not only made me smile … but it also reminded me of the job God made me for. And while it might not seem entirely spiritual to some, it was an epiphany moment to me. You see, I’ve been lost a little of late. Trying to understand what I’m supposed to be doing ‘right here, right now’ – as my minister man would say.

When I get lost, I need these moments.

If you’re a little lost, I encourage you to try it.

Think of words that describe what you’re doing when you’re ‘your best you.’ The you that you move to instinctively when you’re not pressed down into being who you think you need to be.

And when those words pop into your head … acknowledge them. Give them voice. Maybe even wordle them. And print it up like I did.

Praying for you today.

sd ~ the good news girl