Love Austin: Food! Food!

For a very long time, I’ve known about a well-kept secret here in Austin. A little something tucked in Casis Village that is worth the drive … and worth the inevitable wait in line.

It’s Food! Food! on Exposition.  I first learned about Food! Food! because Will’s folks lived in Tarrytown ~ and his mom loved the treats that surfaced there daily. Yummy things like cakes, cupcakes, chocolate pudding and cheddar cheese crackers (addictive little things!).

Then I had the rare opportunity to meet the owner, Susan, at a cooking class at Central Market. Susan taught us to make her Spice Cake with Caramel Frosting, Pumpkin Walnut Bread, Dijon Chicken in Phyllo and others. Pretty sure I went to two of her classes. I wish she would teach there again …because she’s so wonderful. And informative. And funny. And gracious, she knows how to cook.

Food! Food! is the place to go when you want casserole type comfort food. Or a fabulous piece of tenderloin (which is what I picked up yesterday) or just one slice of a great dessert. Emily and I went for sandwiches last week ~ and they were stunning. Yes, stunning. I also tried the green gazpacho-ish soup. Walnuts, cucumbers, and I’m not entirely sure what else but it was good. And super healthy. Perhaps it off set that bite of spice cake, yes?

Meet Food! Food! ~ my favorite little neighborhood bistro in the heart of west Austin.