Love Austin: Mighty Cone

I am coaxing my 22 year old to move back to Austin. And that involves serving her homemade cinnamon rolls in bed, shopping and of course … reminding her of why Austin is such a delicious place to live.

This week, we landed on South Congress for a quick visit to Uncommon Objects (loaded with vintage goodies) and Mighty Cone ~ home of the best fried pickle spears in Austin.

Yes, Mighty Cone is a food trailer. No, that does not matter a hill of beans because the food is completely amazing. The folks out at Hudson’s on the Bend created Mighty Cone. Enough said.

Now, the pickle spears. They come in a cone (duh, all the food does) and they are accompanied by somethingerother jalapeno ranch dressing.

But the main thing about these spears is they are covered in Hudson’s famouso Hot ‘n’ Crunchy breading. And that, is a beautiful thing. The breading is a delicious concoction of sesame seeds, almonds, arbol chili flakes, sea salt, sugar and corn flakes.

These pickles are the best fried spears I have ever tasted. And that’s a high compliment as I am something of a pickle/fried pickle connoisseur. More on that later …

So come on now. Put down what you’re doing, get in the car and get yourself to Mighty Cone. Because these pickles are just.that.good.

PS. The Hot ‘n’ Crunchy Chicken Cone reached iconic status at ACL Festival … and that’s how Mighty Cone was born. So … get the Chicken Cone while you’re at it. Or the Avocado Cone. Or the Shrimp Cone. Or maybe the Chili-Dusted Fries. See what I mean?