Love: Austin

Austin, Texas. It’s my home. I was born and raised here. And I think it’s a pretty special place. Matter of fact, in all the years I’ve lived here I’ve never heard anyone say this …


I could go on and on about Austin. Talking about the people, places and passions that make Austin so fabulously weird and wonderful.

If you don’t have the pleasure of living here, I’d like to invite you for a visit. I promise we’ll make you feel at home. And I guarantee, Austin will make you smile … it might even make you want to do the happy dance. It’s kind of infectious like that.

Why this little hippie chick jumped in Lake Austin and couldn’t help doing the happy dance.

I know all this talk kind of confirms the fact that I’m a self-appointed Austin ambassador … along with about six to seven hundred thousand other great folks that call Austin home.

That’s some serious love …

Whether you live in Austin or you come for a visit in the near future ~ I’d like for you to feel the love so I’ve corralled a few other ‘Austin ambassadors’ to help spread the good news about Austin.

Roxanne’s going to dish about delicious Austin restaurants (she yelps gut-level honest reviews ~ gracious!) and fantastic happy hours. Kate’s going to share some gorgeous Austin photos that highlight the weird, wonderful and the spectacular in this city we call home. And I’ll still be sharing the ‘Good News’ that I find hidden all over town ~ cause there’s plenty of it!

If you live here, give a shout out and let me know why you love Austin.

And if you don’t … road trip baby! C’mon! We can’t wait for y’all to get here. :)

{Check our more good news on the radio in Austin  …}