Love Does … free stuff

I bet Bob Goff was a rowdy child. Because he’s a pretty rowdy adult.

Last night, Bob spoke to a group of us at Young Life Northwest Austin’s Round Up. He talked about a lot of things: parades, balloons, children in Uganda. About waking up in the morning and loving God and taking action. Because, as Bob explains, Love Does.

I was so thrilled to hear Bob (and tickled to discover he jumped in Town Lake at 1 am in morning with a bunch of college-aged kids ~ my daughter included!) that I wanted to share him with you. So for today’s giveaway, I’m going to gift 5 copies of Bob’s book to 5 of you.

To enter to win Bob’s book (which I haven’t read yet but.cannot.wait!), tell me what’s the nicest thing someone has done for you in the past 2 weeks … 

(And hey, I’ll even start. Last week, when my husband walked off the plane and left me baffled and bawling, the kindest flight attendant discreetly handed me a box of chocolate and gave me the sweetest smile. Which made me cry even harder. It’s the little things. Yes?)

I guess it might be good to say, that in this 31 days of enough … I’m not trying to just dump stuff. I’m trying to love God ~ and you. I’m trying to take action (like Bob describes it) cannonball style. Running, tucking, jumping and splashing into the pool for Jesus. Yep, feeling a little out there and exposed but entirely certain: I’m doing this thing. And I’d love you to join me.

Dive in and enter freely. Or gracious sakes, start gifting your own stuff away. :)

This giveaway now closed.  Winners announced here! 

The way this works:

1) Only one entry per giveaway item. 2) You are eligible to win only one item a week. 3) Entries on this item open until 5 pm (CST) on Friday 10/12/12. 4) Winners must live in the contiguous United States. This week’s winners will be announced on Saturdays (10/13) on my blog. Please check your email promptly if you’re announced as a winner.

PS> Still up for grabs this week, black Tony Lamas roughed up and wonderful. Certain to give you cowboy credibility.