love life in photos {7-24-12}

These are pictures posted on instagram* that make me happy. Pictures that make me smile. Pictures from people everywhere that say … I love life! 

1) Look at this little darling. My friend, Kristin, posted it with the caption: Live life out loud!

via theschellcafe on instagram

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2) What a way to plan a trip! Love this one from Lindsey …

via lindswarner on instagram

3) How arty is this image from a clever mother of 3 busy boys?

via thetinytwig on instagram

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4) And finally, my favorite thrift sale find this summer: vintage ‘vase’ for roses.

via susiedavis on instagram

*A while back, I created a little hashtag idea on instagram and people played along. It was fun. And I love that people willingly added the hashtag. But what I discovered about hashtags and instagram is that it’s a pretty open-ended dealio. Meaning: Lots of people can use said hashtag without same intention. :|

So … I decided to occasionally highlight friends & followers with fabulous photos instead and no hashtag is necessary. :)


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