Love Your Life

Do you love your life? I hope so.

But even if you don’t today … there’s hope.

It starts with opening your heart. And creeping in so close to God that you can barely stand it. Trusting him when things don’t make sense. And falling forward, breathless, into faith … when you’d much rather fall back into reasoning and practicality.

Saying yes to the pleasure in life. And saying yes to the pain. Letting the beauty flood in wherever it finds you. The kind that’s exquisite. Untouchable. And so breathtaking that at times it’s frightening because you’re afraid it might just slip through your hands.

And it might. But without it, there is no joy with the people you love. And the people you are trying to love. And no joy to be found when you are sitting all alone … just you and your thoughts.

Love your life again.