make friends with change

I love the changes going on in my backyard. Especially love this jasmine.  Delicate white flower bursting with intense fragrance.

Just about a week ago, I remember seeing those teeny, tiny buds ~ wrapped up tight like a Christmas gift. And I smiled. Because of what was coming next …

Change. My backyard from glum and dreary to bright and cheery.

And then sure as sure, one at a time the flowers appeared. And with them, the heady scent of jasmine.  And the reassurance that there would be more of the same.

I thought of that jasmine and how I anticipate the simple glory of Spring when I read this:

So make friends with whatever’s next. Embrace it. Accept it. Don’t resist it. Change is not only a part of life; change is a necessary part of God’s strategy. ~ Max Lucado

I love God’s Spring strategy ~ I am so grateful for it. But I am not so in love with much of the ‘whatever’s next’ transitions in my life.

The transition of watching my youngest leave for college. The transition of looking (and feeling) my age. Those aren’t quite as glorious to me as that jasmine. And yet … if I take God at his word, all these transitions are a part of his plan and strategy for my life.

So, I am trying to make friends with my ‘whatever’s next.’  To embrace it. Accept it. And not resist it. Knowing that it’s a part of life ~ and a necessary part of God’s strategy. That in embracing it and accepting it, I will love my life.

What about you? What change do you need to make friends with?