Making Life Decisions

A couple weeks ago, Kate (be sure to read up on her in ‘meet the team!’) did a photo shoot at the Frio for Sara’s senior pictures. While she was working with Sara ~ I was snapping pictures from the sidelines. Over the weekend, I was thinking about how sometimes in life we all have to do kinda crazy things when we’re following what we feel is God’s plan for our life. And when I thought about that, I immediately saw this …

Sometimes in life, you gotta bend over backward – or forward – to get things done. To do the job you know you need to do. To live the life you know you need to live.

Sometimes in life, you have to jump on in and get wet to be right where you need to be.

There might be moments when things are awkward. When people looking from the sidelines think you’re a little foolish. It’s then that it’s good to remember that they aren’t seeing things from your angle. They aren’t looking through your eyes. And it’s okay to keep on keeping on … walking upstream.

Cause in the end, you need to be happy with life your steps. With your work. With your decisions. With the unique call God has on your life. And what He has asked you to do.

Later, people will see those awkward moments led to something truly beautiful.

And it will inspire them.

Those crazy, awkward steps you’re taking right now will lead to great joy.

For you … and the people around you.

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