Married: The Sexiest Man Alive

The sexiest man alive got married twenty-six years ago this week. I married the sexiest man alive. But you might be married to the second sexiest man alive. I dunno know. That’s up to you to discover …

What makes a man sexy? Well, yes. Fabulous good looks and a scent that matches yours completely. I guess they call that chemistry. But beyond that, a man is sexy when he’s passionate. Hard-working. Tender. And thoughtful.

Like just this week, Will was on a mission trip in Managua, Nicaragua (compassion is really sexy, too) when my little home life kinda fell apart. Things were intensely stressful for a number of reasons. More on that later …

But the truth is, every time he heads out on a mission trip – the enemy hits full force at home. And this time he had been gone several weeks in a row. We were stressed out and struggling at home. Making it, but stressed out and struggling. And so what does he do?

Arrives home 3 days early with roses in his hand. Just who does that?

… the sexiest man alive.

I know a couple other women who are married to ‘sma’ type men. Gail Hyatt is married to this guy, Michael. He’s one. Check out his post on protecting his marriage. That’s sexy.

This week, I’ll be talking about marriage. In honor of mine. And in honor of  yours. And I’ll do a little giveaway at the end of the week to celebrate. And to encourage.

In the meanwhile, I’m wondering … what makes your husband the sexiest man alive?