Messy Monday :: simple thanksgiving

Okay, y’all … my house is a complete mess.

Seriously. Little piles all over the place begging for attention. In the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, closet. You name it ~ there’s a pile of something needing cleaning, straightening, organizing.

Welcome to messy Monday.

My Mondays are mostly always messy.

But this one’s especially messy. Sara had a horse show. I was speaking at a retreat. And then with church services on the weekend (my husband’s a pastor) ~ it all adds up to a messy Monday. I used to get pretty disgusted by messy Mondays. They made me feel behind.

But then I started realizing all that messy equals a house full of people I love. And the life I’ve always dreamed of … yep, those piles mean there are people living here.  People I love and care for that need tending. So the shoes at the front door, the laundry left to do, the dishes that need to put away ~ mean that I got just what I always wanted.

And that means I’m busy … like a bee.

I captured this bee on Saturday at the retreat while I was snapping some pictures but it wasn’t til I got home and uploaded the photos that I realized that bee is well … a little messy. See the piles of pollen on his legs?

And on this one, he’s just diving in getting all crazy rolling around, grabbing at that pollen? Wildly messy. Joyfully messy. Just like God made him to be … or bee? ;)

I’m gonna love my messy Monday today. I’m going to jump into those piles with a smile. Think I’ll light my favorite scented candle, turn on Sara Bareilles and get crazy, wild about those piles. I’m going to celebrate messy Monday and be a big, joyful mess.

What about you … what are you going to jump into with joy today?

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