Messy Redo

We are having a little work done at our house. The kind of that makes my cat nervous – she’s literally in hiding when the workmen are here. Presses herself against the wall and dresser, nose in the corner. Freaked out.

Probably because things are disorderly. Undone. And very unquiet. Think drilling, sanding – men in and out of the house with ladders. That kind of thing. It’s the stuff that makes my home life chaotic and crazy.

Confessions: I’m not into home chaos. And I don’t do crazy. (Though I have been called crazy – especially this week – as in “Mom, you’re going crazy right now with all this work being done.”)

Yes. With all the mess going on, it’s easy for me to be … well … tense. and teensy, tiny bit frenzied.

But just yesterday, I remembered something that helped me. A realization like a good slap on the face …

I prayed for this.          I wanted it to happen.

Yep. It was one of 11 things I wanted to see happen in 2011. Listed right there in my journal as #4 …

House: Paint, repair, plumber, organize, accessorize.

Super. I prayed for this and now it’s happening and I’m stressed? Wonky-doo. Something had to change pronto. So I prayed. And I thanked God for the mess. Because without the mess, my prayers would remain unanswered.

Now, if I could only convince Madeleine to do the same.