Mirror, Mirror … Help!

Over a year ago, we were gifted with loads of furniture when my in-laws sold their home. Most of that furniture found a welcome spot in our home. Some pieces went off to live with our college-aged daughter.

But there was one exception … this gargantuan mirror. It has not found a place to call home. Rather, it was mercilessly stashed behind our sofa in the living room. Awkward.  And now it is stealing focus in our bedroom. Leaning heavy and embarrassed against an available wall.

Please … what to do?

A few things to note:

1) The trim color is that 70’s green – which clashes greatly with my relaxed khaki walls in the living room where I would like it to live above my sofa.

2) It has these thing-a-ma-dopper fabric filled holes. See in between the design? That’s fabric stuffed in there. 3) The mirror is huge (40″ x 68″ meant to hang horizontally). And heavy. At least 70 pounds. 4) Finally, I am not a DYI girl. Trust me. Any tips must be basic. Gentle. Non-threatening. Or direct me to your nearest designer friend to do the work … any tips are greatly appreciated.