My Impending Arrest

This morning I woke up and startled. With all that’s going on right now – I have forgotten about some stuff that needed attention. Like the fact that I have an outstanding speeding ticket that needs response at the courthouse today lest they “issue an arrest warrant.” Egads. By 6:03 am this morning, I was worked up in a tizzy – completely overwhelmed.

The thing is, I don’t have time to wrangle downtown traffic and stand in line at the courthouse. But of course, I will find the time. Because I am terrified of being pulled over tomorrow for an overdue inspection sticker … and getting body slammed and cuffed by an officer for the traffic conviction. This is exactly what the officer called it when I got pulled over a month ago.

A conviction.

I will confess, I tried to cry and snab a warning. But no. I sat silent. Guilty. And took the ticket. And now my overactive imagination is torturing me … about my impending arrest. Over my traffic conviction.

But in truth, this last week and this ridiculous ticket is helping me realize something important.

I am convicted that my schedule is out of whack. I am convicted that something’s gotta change. I am just too busy. And I am gravely unorganized. The fact that I am dropping everything today just to stand in line and take care of something that I should have taken care of weeks ago has me shamefaced in admitting – I need to follow my own advice.

That is my conviction.

No tears here. I sit silent. And guilty.

Something’s gotta change.