Naked Faith

I love and appreciate my life …

* the quiet of my house when I first wake up * my early morning routine of coffee and toast * the way my yard looks when the sun starts to splash through the trees * the first bud of the rose

I try to squeeze the joy out of every day.

And I recognize that these are all gifts from God.

But a couple nights ago, I read a quote that I haven’t been able to shake.

All these things are external gifts from his hand. If they are withheld from us, our love may become more pure, as the soul may then attach itself immediately and solely to God instead of to his mercies.

This is that love by naked faith which is the death of nature, because it leaves no support.

Such love is chaste, for it is the love of God, in and for God. We are attached to him, but not for the pleasure he bestows on us. We follow him, but not for the loaves and fishes.

~ Francois Fenelon Talking with God

Oh, this stalks me. Because as much as I love the gifts from his hand … I want a naked faith. A faith that is attached to him and not just the pleasures he bestows. I want to always follow him, but not for the loaves and fishes.

So I pray every day to love God more. And I pray for a naked faith.