Need a Little (Cosmetic) Help?

My daughter and I ride a horse. We call him ‘Special K’ … though his show name is Kinetic.

He’s such a great boy. A real work horse. Here he is with my Sara at a recent horse show.

But I noticed something about Special K recently … I think he might need a little help.

Forget the fact that he’s gorgeous. Tall (17 hands), dark (bay), and handsome (including glossy coat with dapples). And forget the fact that he’s a real athletic performer. Forget the fact that he takes care of my girl in the most advanced kinds of training situations. Forget all that. He’s got a little issue …

I’m embarrassed to bring it up … but it’s so obvious. And I’m worried it might be affecting his self image which in turn could impact his performance which might make him feel old. And useless. And unattractive.

Gracious, I think Kinetic might need botox.

Poor guy. I guess I could get him a plumper at Sephora or something …