need to reschedule

I discovered a truth this week: My left hand is a huge slacker. Has been for decades. Can’t button my jeans, fasten my bra, and has no idea how to apply mascara without poking out my eye. Be warned, be watchful. If you see me in the next couple weeks … I’ll be make-up less, bra-less and wearing pull-on clothes. A full on hippie mama. The kind that’s banned in Dallas, embraced in Austin. Thank God for Austin. But it still ain’t pretty …

History. kinetic sunsetSunday while jumping a course on Kinetic, I bonked something pretty vital in my write right hand. (Disclaimer: not the horse’s fault. Weird, freak accident.)

Monday after a friendly visit with the awesome Dr. Vagner, I learned I tore something in my right hand. (Disclaimer: I adore Dr. Vagner but to get a proper diagnosis, he did inject my thumb and turn the poor thing backward at a 90 degree angle. I thought I was going to throw-up.) His pre-surgery notes.


Tuesday after surgery, I was informed I tore several somethings in my right hand. (Vagner told my people, “There were two torn ligaments, one completely off. Worse than I originally thought …”)

Update: My right hand is currently on a 3 – 6 month sabbatical sporting a new teeny, tiny screw and a big bulky cast.

So, I am rescheduling: No more riding. Gulp. No more baking, etc. Oookay. And no more writing. At least not with pen & paper. (To which I have discovered I am addicted.) Good-bye journals. Good-bye pen cups …

bicuit baking#muchlatergram

I am also rescheduling house-keeping, gardening, meal making, and other everyday joys. Yes, I really love that stuff. And no, I don’t want to hand off those responsibilities. But there is this necessity of rescheduling. My right hand is dragging me along to a dependent, slow-down sabbatical.

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few tears. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little bummed. But there have been so many love notes from God and friends and family, I’d be fool to stay discouraged.

My barn friend (who’s a doctor’s wife) made a call to help expedite my appointment. (I call her life-saver-Liz.) My daughters cancelled all their plans to do surgery duty. And my husband left a mission trip he was leading in Haiti to help me recuperate. Plus my friends & family have raced to the rescue with food, offers to help, etc. I’m blessed.

But I’m also curious … and maybe you can help. Because I have a million questions racing in my head. Like:

  • Can a life-long righty master left-handed writing?
  • How does a paper dependent scheduler/ organizer move electronic/ online? (Google calendar?)
  • How do I replace that steady flow of barn endorphins? Should I start jogging or something? (Please say no.)
  • Or is there a way to ride safety with no rein/ hands? (I’m serious.)
  • How does a kinda perfectionist housekeeper kinda let it all go?
  • What in the world is God up to in my life?

Answers to any and all questions are welcomed.

Now, me and my crazy left-handed hairdo and my new bestie Vicodin are off to bed.

Much love from hippie town. :)

PS. I can’t make these touch of grace biscuits right now but you can. And they’re amazing …