Not So Bratty Monday

My life is beautiful. But when I get overwhelmed, I forget.

Sometimes I’m bratty like that …

This weekend, I was home most all weekend taking care of family.  And taking care of home. I hadn’t planned on staying home all weekend but that’s just the way it worked out.

Now, the weird thing is all that caring – for people and home – slowed me down and made me grateful. Matter of fact, I was entirely delighted (yes, delighted!) when I finally got out of the house and went to the the grocery yesterday. It is not customary for me to be excited about grocery store trips but I had fun. Maybe because they were doing all sorts of tastings. This is what I tasted. This is what I brought home.

Cherries, cheese and a baguette. The cheese: Bellavitano Gold. Delish. A parmesan – cheddar –  mixy – moo delight. Get some. You’ll like it. And pick up some cherries and a baguette while you’re there. Then put it all on a pretty plate and slow down and love your life again. Amen.