Number her days

In Parenting Your Teen and Loving It — I talk about a lot of things — like how to influence without exasperating, what to say and do to get a teen’s attention, how to be responsible yet not overprotective.

But I would say one of the most important is things I discuss — and strive to remember with my kids — is to appreciate the time I have left with them. Before they turn 18 and fly away …

There’s a verse that I have remembered and take quite literally. The verse simply says:

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

This morning, while Sara (our youngest) was getting ready for school – I remembered the verse. And so now I am sitting down to do the math. To number her days … the days she has left at home. Okay. Not sure I’m ready for this but here goes. Sara has:

702 days left at home

I only have 702 days left to see her sweet face first thing in the morning. 702 days left to hear her singing, playing the guitar in her room. 702 days to watch her chase the cat through the house. To smell her perfume when I hug her goodbye in the morning. To watch her ride Kinetic at the barn.  Oh dear me oh my … my heart is aching from numbering her days. But in the discomfort, I know that God will make my heart wise.

Check out the verse online.