On Giving Things Up …

I’m on a girl’s trip with my 21 year old daughter, Emily, and several of her college friends. We’re staying in Estes Park at our family cabin.

Our morning started with a deep and thoughtful conversation about Lent. The afternoon ended with a romp in the snow.

Their energy and enthusiasm is beautiful. But their hearts for God … that’s what takes my breath away.

Here’s what they said about giving things up to focus on God:

Lindsey said … she’s going to give up comparison to seek contentment.

My daughter, Emily, said … she’s going to give up people pleasing and practice courage.

Hilliary said … she’s going to give up excess noise. And practice more quiet.

Emily said … she’s going to give up carelessness and find worship in everything.

Spring Break 2011 … girls gone crazy wise.