One Confused Mother

Recently, I read a not so nice, interesting review of my book Parenting Your Teen and Loving It: Being the Mom Your Kid Needs.

In summary, the review stated that my heart was in the right place but that I was confused … and contradicted myself.

After the initial sting of reading it online, I talked myself down by remembering that not only did I do the best job I could on the book – but I partnered with a reputable publisher replete with multiple editors screening my work. (I sound defensive …)

But the more I thought about it … the more I realized there’s some real truth in what the reviewer said.

I am a confused mother.

I don’t know a mom who isn’t. Especially a mom of teenagers.

Matter of fact, show me a mom that thinks she knows it all and I’ll show you a mom in denial. Show me a mom that treats her kids like she knows it all – and I’ll show you a teenager on the way to some serious dysfunction.

Parenting teens is a humbling.precarious.process.

A process of growth and discovery. Of pain and tears. Of missteps and forgiveness. Of realizing who you are and who you aren’t. Of reaching for the highest mark – and often falling short.

But one of the greatest joys is realizing in all that dumbfounding confusion apparent in mothering … there is a beautiful relationship that surfaces in the honesty.

Make no mistake. That online reviewer was not the only one to see what a confused mother I am. How I am often contradictory. There are three other exquisite humans that saw it first and loved me right through it.

They are my teenagers. God love them. They know me. Love me. And as I let them into my not so perfect life and my not so perfect parenting skills, I find an abundance of grace. And real communion.

If you’re into that kind of journey with your teenagers … I have just the book for you.

“These are the years to let your teen see you as a sister in Christ as well as a mother. Let your teenager peek in at your frail human heart and see how God makes himself strong in you as you work through all these things together.” from Parenting Your Teen and Loving It: Being the Mom Your Kid Needs