Organized Hoarders?

I read something over at The Minimalist via Nester. Something disturbing. Seems the guys at The Minimalist think my excessive need for organization is a sign I’m a hoarder.

Their thoughts on organization: “We need to start thinking of organizing as a dirty word. It is, in fact, a sneaky little profanity—a pernicious little booger—who keeps us from simplifying our lives.” A pernicious little booger? You mean the way I keep neatly stacking all those unread books … boogers?

“Ultimately, though, organizing is nothing more than well-planned hoarding.” And do they mean to say my organized scented candle stash is actually well-planned hoarding?!

Why, yes. I think they do.


And amen.

The good news via The Minimalist?

“Once the excess stuff is out of the way, staying organized is much easier anyway.”

{Read The Minimalist article here. Nester’s thoughts here.}