orphaned newsletter & other details

Okay, confession … I haven’t been good at keeping up with ‘The Good News’ Newsletter. Matter of fact, I’ve been downright horrible the last few months at keeping up with the newsletter. I was super faithful and then Spring crept in and I fumbled. Terrifically. I could give you lots of excuses but that’s just stupid.

I dropped the ball.

But I have good news … when I woke up this morning at 1:30 am, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I found a solution to my slackerdom.

Three ways to receive the latest Good News posts …

1. If you’d like to receive ‘good news’ posts via email, please enter your email address in the box below and the post will be delivered to your inbox the day it’s published.

Get the Good News via email …

2.  If you want to receive posts in a web-based news reader ~ click, click and it shall be done unto you.

3. Finally, if you’d like to receive ‘The Good News Newsletter’ ~ check out the details here. Obviously, I am trying to protect you from dashed expectations and neglect.


Other details?

1. While it might look like I know what I’m doing, it took me 3 hours to write this post with all the feedburner info & subscription code, etc. I-am-a-slow-learner.

2. Sometimes, I have more ideas than I’m able to handle and I get incredibly ADHD. Case in point, have you met Pie O Pie? A whole crazy, delicious category unto itself …

3. I love and appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for reading, for following and for forgiving my newsletter faux pas.

PS. One of the best and fastest ways to keep in touch is Facebook ~ as well as Twitter where you’ll find loads of inspirational quotes and whatnot.

PPS. I also love Instagram … a lot. :) Follow @susiedavis

photo by kate stafford