Over Your Head in Deep Water?

This is so brilliant, so simple … I had to share. I found this on Seth Godin’s blog today. That man is pure genius.

“Once the water is deep enough that you must swim to stay afloat, does it really matter how deep the pool is?” ~ Seth Godin

As I was making breakfast this morning, I just kept thinking about that one sentence and how it applies to so much in life.  When you feel like you’re in over your head, it doesn’t matter how wet you are or how deep the water is … wet is wet, deep is deep.

The smart thing to do is something. Anything. Swim!

I think ‘swimming’ in everyday life looks like this:

  • Weight to lose? Stop whining, start dieting.
  • Deadline looming? Stop procrastinating, start working.
  • Closet to clean? Stop staring, start attacking.
  • Test to take? Stop wondering, start answering.
  • Relationship to mend? Stop thinking, start talking.
  • Life to enjoy? Stop complaining, start celebrating.


Do what you have to do until you get to the other side.