Pen + Cups = Pen Cups

Sometimes it takes a non-family member to undercover your weirdness.

Case in point: This last summer we had Emily’s friend, Hilliary, living with us. She was an intern at  ACF and needed a place to lay her head. Hang her shirts. Park her VW bug. So for the summer, that place was the Davis house.

It was a fun summer. It was a crazy summer. And it was a revealing summer.

Sometime in early June, Hilliary pointed out that I loved pens. And cups. Pen cups.

H: You really love colored pens. And cups. You have pen cups all over your house.

Me: Hmm … yes, I do. But doesn’t everyone?

H: Um … I don’t think as many as you do. (Laughs nervously, pondering offense.)

Me: Oh, well. That’s kinda sad if you ask me.

H: (Laughs) Yes.

After the pen altercation conversation, I looked around my house. And yes, I have an enormous collection of pen cups. There are pen cups in every room. Sometimes multiples. All filled with my favorite colored pens.*

Let me show you.

Pen cup at my desk.

Pen cup at breakfast table.

Pen cup at other end of breakfast table … for Sara.

Pen cup in the kitchen.


Pen cup in the living room for journaling.


Pen cup by my bird watching/ happy hour chair.

Pen cup in Sara’s room. (She’s not nearly as addicited.)


The pen cup tour made me realize that A) I don’t have pen cups in every room. B) I probably need pen cups in every room. C) I need to alert you to the utter joy of pen cup collections!

And let it be noted. Yesterday on Twitter, Hilliary made a confession ~ now that she is safely out of Austin and back in her home sweet home. She tweeted this revealing little message.

hilliaryec: I get really happy on days where new candles and basil pesto are involved. And it’s raining.

susiedavis: @hilliaryec Is it raining in Nac,Texas?!!??!!

hilliaryec: @susiedavis it is! ptl! and I found the Tyler candles diffuser oil by itself!

hilliaryec: @susiedavis oh, and a new locker basket and new le pens today. #youworeoffonme

It’s the hashtag folks: #youworeoffonme

I couldn’t be prouder.

… and we shall save locker baskets and diffuser oil obsessions for another day.

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