Permission to Dance

My friend, Rebecca, scored these pointe shoes for her 11 year old daughter, Ansley, at Good Will.

Ansley is the one who said, if she knew she only had a year to live … she would get a starfish.

Ansley must be an artist. Because she thinks pretty thoughts like that.

And because she wore her pointe shoes to Target. Rebecca said she danced up and down the aisles.

Yes, Ansley must be an artist.

I am so grateful that Rebecca encourages the artist in Ansley. That she let her strap on her pointe shoes and dance down the aisles at Target.

I can only imagine the scene that day.

Rebecca pushing the big red cart and Ansley dancing around it. I’m guessing that most people smiled when they saw her. But I bet there was one or two that gave her the eye. You know, the why is that kid wearing pointe shoes look or the why are you letting her dance in the aisle I’m trying to get things done look.

Knowing Rebecca she gave them a smile smack-down and then waved them off her dancing daughter.

Yes, Ansley will be an artist.

Because Rebecca gave her permission … to dance.

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