Pinterest for Breakfast :: Egg Stuffed Potatoes

Excuse me, are you pinterested in being completely inspired? Then please say hello to Pinterest.

I was over there this morning looking for Christmas brunch ideas and stumbled on a recipe for egg stuffed potatoes.

Yes, egg stuffed potatoes! I never heard of them before and I was very pinterested to learn how to make them. Especially since I had a lone baked potato sitting in my fridge. And especially since I was starving while pinteresting this morning.

Some darling, darling person that I do not even know pinned a photo. And with just a couple clicks, I was right here figuring out how to make egg stuffed potatoes on my very own.

Egg Stuffed Potatoes

Scoop out the inside of a baked potato. Gently dab in a little softened butter in the cavity then salt and pepper. Crack an egg in a tea cup. Then carefully pour the egg into the potato cavity til it just reaches the edge. Sprinkle lightly with cheddar cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees til the yolk is set.

Eat. Enjoy. Delight.

It gave me shivers when I tasted it because the combination of the textures and taste is so pinteresting.

Here it is all smushed up. I like my eggs and my potatoes smushed up. So if you’re not a smusher, you probably should skip * skip * skip * and look at this pinteresting egg stuffed potato. It is much, much prettier.

I’m very excited to try this over the holidays with different fillings. Maybe thyme, spinach, green onion …

I’m also pinterested to try this baked potato Caprese egg cup.

Or maybe these easy peasy bacon and eggs to go …

And gracious my 21 year old is coming home from college in a few days. If I make her these baked eggs in a bread bowl ~ she might just stay home forever.

I’m very pinterested in that.