pinterest link board button

Y’all ~ I just have to let you know about Rene’ over at Bargain Hoot. Not only is she one of the nicest people ever … but she keeps her blog full  of great ideas and good news! She’s got a whole category of bargain finds from places like Urban Outfitters, keeps me up to date on affordable finds at Anthropologie, and has a section of  free printables ~ good for special days, holidays and much more. But most recently she announced she was taking on a new project: Creating Pinterest link board buttons for blogs.

When I read her post, I contacted her immediately about making a button for my blog and this is what she created …


 Each link (7 in all!) clicks through to a different board on pinterest ~ and she customized it to coordinate with my splash page. She’s kind-of a genius like that. Super resourceful. All that wonderful for only $20.

One of the absolute best things about having this blog, is all the fabulous people I get to meet ~ and Rene’ is one of the best! We’ve chatted over the phone about projects, encouraged each other via email and now I get to share her work with you. :)

If you’d like your very own customized pinterest link board button ~  the info is here. And when all is said and done, you’ll have a super cute pinterest button for your blog and a fabulous new bloggy friend named Rene’ at Bargain Hoot.

love your life!