Plans for a Fabulous Week

It’s Monday. Good morning.

Prayers for you that you’ll have a fabulous week. Yes, a fabulous week.

Funny, I used to thing a fabulous week = everything working out the way I like it & the way I planned  it. I used to think that made a fabulous week.

But just last week, during the middle of a second wave of ridiculous that landed on our little family, I was reminded that a fabulous week is completely impossible to plan out in advance. Because sometimes (often times), unexpected forms of ridiculous hits the fan. Like last week, it was kind of ridiculous. Not what we were planning. Oops.

But in the middle of it, I had a stellar thought. I was reminded that fabulous doesn’t always come in good planning. Instead, sometimes it comes in right reaction.

So in the middle of the not-so-fabulous-and-a-little-bit-ridiculous week, I told my 18 year old Sara …

Let’s pass this test with patience. You and me. With peace and patience.

I know that sounds all sweet and spiritual but that little statement was a tall order. Because Sara and I were on high alert. Both at the tail end of some not so terrific weeks and desperate for some fabulous.

We were heightened. Screechy. And teary. We were both ready to fall apart. (At least just a little bit.) And that’s when I said what she needed to hear. What I needed to hear:

Let’s pass this test with patience. You and me. With peace and patience.

And guess what? It worked. We passed the test with peace. And patience.

And that actually made for a pretty darn near fabulous week.

So prayers for you this Monday: That you’ll make your plans & hope for the best & remember to include some peace and patience too … have a fabulous week!