post prom monday

It’s Monday. And not just any Monday ~ it’s post prom Monday.

My little itty bitty baby, Sara, went to her senior prom on Saturday night.

I know. I know …  not-a-baby-anymore. Sniff, sniff.

You know these children, they fly out the door much faster than you can even imagine. My mothering instinct says smother with love, hold on tighter, do not let go! That, of course, is a really bad idea.

It was also a bad idea for me to do Sara’s hair. We tried that at a homecoming dance a few years back. Lesson learned. So this time, she was off to see Kate at the Hair Shack. Kate’s wonderful.

I even managed to coax my hippie child into a mani/pedi. She picked purple. Like her dress.

Her date arrived. The best date ever.

We took a bajillion photos. And then suddenly, they were off.

Each little step she takes towards graduation reminds me that she will be gone soon. And a little ache wells up inside of me.

And yet, I celebrate. Because this is the season God has made ~ for me and for Sara ~ and though they are different in so many ways, I will rejoice.