Prioritizing Family Life: A note from me to you

A note from me to you.

Dear friend,

It’s nearly Christmas … so things are crazy right now. The usual: Shopping, decorating, and baking. And on top of that, I started a full time job. It’s a great job. Community Affairs Director at a radio station with a ministry I believe in. But I have a confession. I never worked a 40 hour a week job away from home. So it stressed me out. A lot.  Coming home after dark to a cold house and a hungry family was a ginormous pile of mother guilt that I had never experienced before.

I kept thinking of my youngest, Sara, coming home to an empty house. And my weary husband coming home to a teary, torn wife. So we sat down and talked about options. And then I did something kinda crazy.

I walked in day 4 of my full time job and asked my boss if perhaps, maybe … he would consider taking my position part time. He was a little surprised. Startled. So he asked why. And this is what I told him:

I know this is a surprise to you. And honestly, it’s a surprise to me too. But I realized that I’m I’m not able to be the mom and wife I want to be working 40 hours a week. I see now that I need to be home when Sara gets home from school. I know she’s 17 and she can drive and let her self in the door – but my priority is to be home for her. Because I only have a year and a half left before she leaves for college. So. I want to be home. And I need to be home. For her and for my husband.  I didn’t know when I started this job how it would work – and how I would feel. But my priorities are mixed up right now. I’m not spending the time needed on my most important priorities.  So, I am seeking a change.  And I am truly sorry that I am probably upsetting your expectation. I really hate that. But … my family comes first so I need to re-think my time. To undo and redo my schedule. Please know I respect your decision – whatever it is – after this conversation. But I was wondering if there’s any way this position could move to part time – instead of full time –  I know that it would work better for me. And my family.

And do you know what my boss said (after the shock and surprise was gone and he had 24 hours to think it through)?

He said yes. Yes. He said yes!

That situation got me to thinking. Sometimes, no matter how hard and scary it might be – and no matter what you think you’ve got to lose – you’ve got to do the thing that sits well with your soul. And with the people that you love most. Because at the end of the day, all you’ve got to spend on your family is your time. The other stuff you ‘buy’ them this Christmas – it won’t matter in the long run. It won’t even matter in a month or two. And that’s a good thing to remember at Christmas. And always.

Just a little note. From me to you.

Much love,

the good news girl – sd