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So, I mentioned last week that I made a difficult decision. Work related. The kind of decision that only makes sense when the fire is too quiet. The kind that has you jumping out blindly on faith. For provision. For purpose.

That was last Tuesday. I was numb for a few days. And really looking forward to a calm weekend. To let my poor little soul (and my stomach) catch up with all the big decisions.

I was so looking forward to Saturday because I had a photography class. We were meeting downtown at Progress Coffee. I got there just minutes before the 1 pm class.  I walked in, looked around and saw only one guy with a camera.  He looked up and told me the class was canceled. Seconds later, the instructor called.  Canceled because of rain … but it wasn’t raining.

I was miffed. After driving all the way downtown and getting all my soul-ish hopes up ~ they canceled. At five after one o’clock.

I tried to make the best of it. Took a few shots. 

But I was completely put out with the stinkin’ photography class for canceling at the last minute. And I was also desperate. Impatient. Waiting for God to come through with his grand plan …

I figured, now that I did what God asked ~ the least he could do is provide the next thing.  Now that I hopped out of safety and security ~ and into the dark. But instead: No Outlet. Just like on the sign. No outlet for the worry, the anxiety, the next thing.

I picked my sad, sorry little self up and headed to the car. No photography class and no big sign in the sky from God.

When I was just about to get in the car and head home, I noticed how arty ‘Progress’ looked … so I snapped a few shots.

And I kept shooting and wondering out loud to God: When are you going to do something God? Provision. Purpose. Progress. I did what you asked ~ please send me a sign.

Every time I took a picture, I focused on the sign. I didn’t notice til later that with every picture, the clouds were moving behind the sign. Though the sign was still as ever ~ the clouds were busying doing things. Moving around. Changing the sky scape.

Suddenly … I understood.

I did what God asked ~ and He’s busy moving things all around me. Even though I am sitting still, we’re making progress.

Suddenly, like a grand whop on the face, I realized … God really did send a sign.

Progress. Simple thanks for progress.

(And I bet you’re making some too.)

prepare your heart for the season :: 31 days of simple thanksgiving

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