rend collective {favorites}

I am not a big fan of worship music. I realize this sounds truly un-Christian. But a lot of worship music is slow and makes me feel sad. Like I’m wading through molasses. This music is different.

I don’t even remember how I stumbled on the Rend Collective Experiment Campfire but I am incredibly grateful.

rend collective experimentThe music is upbeat, earthy and authentic. They actually recorded it live outdoors on the beach ~ after extending an invitation for anybody to come.  That’s beautiful.

Love when he says this:

There should be no walls of defense toward God or each other ~ even if we have been hurt.

Jesus wants to set the Church on fire so the world can warm themselves around us and find light and safety. We are here on earth to be a home and a refuge to the lost and broken but first we must learn the art of togetherness and celebration.

We need to celebrate. We need to choose His joy.

By far my favorite song on the CD is Come on My Soul. It’s marched me through some dark, hard days in the last week.

What about you? What’s your favorite worship music?