For a very long time now, I’ve asked people the question: What’s your big God dream?

I usually get quizzical looks. So I push a little and ask: What is the one thing you would love to do with your life that’s bigger than you can even imagine? Something so big, it’s almost embarrassing to say out loud? The one thing only God could accomplish in your life? What’s your big God dream?

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That’s been my favorite question for a very long time.

But this last week, I’ve been reading Jennie Allen’s book Restless and I have a new question to ask:

What if the things you love to do collided with God’s will? ~ Jennie Allen

Mmmm. Don’t you love it? Let’s play with this a minute.

First, what are the things you love to do? Writing, baking, gardening, picture taking? Speaking, drawing, lettering, teaching? Running, riding, traveling, entertaining? What are the things you love?

Now, what if … those things you love collided with God’s will for your life?

Yes. Now we’re getting somewhere.

your passions + your personality + your gifts (all three at work) = God’s will for your life

That right there’s a big God dream.

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God made you for more than some ho-hum job where you feel completely useless and uninspired. He made you to do something extraordinary for His purposes. In her new book, Jennie looks at the life of Joseph and explores questions like these and much more. Like how to ‘untangle’ the dream God placed in your heart, what purpose suffering might have in your life and how to keep fear from sabotaging God’s plans.

I definitely think you should grab the book and dive into discovering God’s will for your life.