Round Top, Texas.

I love Texas in the Spring. So many reasons. Bluebonnets, sun showers, green popping out everywhere. And add to that one of the largest antique shows in the nation right here in central Texas. Yep, I’m talking about that ginormous antique fair in Round Top, Texas.

Cat and I headed out yesterday morning. Just an hour from Austin and such a delight. We saw all that and more. And I took my camera to entice you with photos from our trip. So you’ll get a friend and get to Round Top. Because it will make you so happy. ;)

Stopped first at Country Garden Antiques and visited with owners, Alan and Gina. Nicest people ever. My friend, Rene, showed me tent years ago. They’re famous for these rolls of vintage ribbon.

Gorgeous stuff. All of these photos are from their tent.

Don’t you love the colors?

They also have big ole dreamy pieces like this. (Cat was sorely tempted by the pitcher … for flowers.) Next, per Alan’s suggestion, we walked across the way to see the goodies in Garden Antqs …

Loads of pretties.

I wanted a cute little McCoy planter real bad. But I waited on it. Cause we’d only been in Warrenton about 30 minutes and we had a lot of looking left to do. We meandered. Seriously.

meander: follow a winding course.

We were weaving back and forth down the aisles, stopping here and there. So much attraction and distraction. It was the first time that Cat and I shopped Warrenton together so we were trying to figure out how to coordinate our efforts and be nice to each other’s interests. It was a success. Partly because Cat and I have similar tastes (and smells … more on that later). And we like meeting people.

Like Jennifer Nicholas. Da-ar-ling. Tiny little thing wearing a vintage dress as a duster, handkerchief tied round her wrist, and a fabulous Texas twang. The native Houstonite said she opened her store, “Because I’m nuts and my oldest daughter went off to college. Sometimes things happen.” Cat and I totally want to be friends with Jennifer.

She has all kinds of vintage stuff: linens, plates, quilts. I bought a small pink step ladder.

Cat bought this lovely vintage pillow cover from Jennifer. We probably could have fought over who got it because it was so darling. But we waited til later when we found Jill Suzanne candles.

We finally untangled ourselves from Warrenton after a long day and headed out of town ~ only to be enticed by an exquisite find in Round Top. (Did I warn you this is a photo heavy post?)

I think it’s called Anna’s. That’s what the sign said … anybody know the name of it?

It’s a cabiny little store right outside the Round Top square. Think fabrics, furniture, and garden goodies from France and beyond. Cat tells me I like Frenchy-French. Yes, it’s true.

We both bought a little something garden-ish there then got back in the car and headed to Austin.

I am ever grateful for a gorgeous sunny day, time spent laughing with my friend and Texas.

My home sweet home.