Antique Weekend in Round Top

Every Fall and Spring I like to sneak away just an hour or so from Austin and visit the largest antique shopping extravaganza in Texas. It’s a massive fabulous show in Round Top, Texas. This year I ventured out with my niece Kate. She’s a precious, arty soul that doesn’t mind the Texas heat, loads of fellow shoppers and hanging out with her aunt Susie.

Kate picked up vintage seam ribbon. I thought about it but skipped it because I couldn’t figure out how I’d use it. I’m kicking myself now. At a dollar a yard – I should have known it was worth it. I’m gonna have to make Kate boss me around a little next time so I don’t miss out on the goodies.

But I have to say – I did score a find for my daughter Sara. For years, I have been looking for just the right dresser for her room and my oh my … we hit the motherlode at Charlie T’s.  It’s a delicate, little dresser painted what Charlie called “transitional blue.”

He said, “The color of this dresser just all depends on the wall behind and the light in the room.” And he was right. We moved that dresser from one spot to another in his tent and it transitioned ever so slightly with each move. I was sold – of course the price was right too. And did I mention he guaranteed it? He said if I got home and didn’t like the dresser I was more than welcome to bring it back. Seriously. I know that’s kinda hard to believe, isn’t it? But it’s true. And you know what else is hard to believe but true?

Charlie doesn’t have a computer. See, after I bought the dresser and talked with Charlie T – I told him that I was so impressed with his old school business ethic and friendly Texas manner (he’s from Ft. Worth) that I was gonna blog about him. And that’s when he told me that he doesn’t own a computer so he wouldn’t see a blog. He said … I don’t have a computer but I do have this nice, new fancy phone. And he proudly pulled out his phone to show me. How cute is that?

I have to say I was sorta dumbfounded. The fact that he didn’t have computer access. But he explained he didn’t like messing with all that cause he had far too much work to do. Too many dressers to repair and paint.

And I told him that it was a pretty good thing he didn’t spend time messing with computers because he did such a good job repairing and painting beautiful old pieces like the one I picked for Sara.

And then he said, “If you say anything about me just make sure and mention that I have have some pretty pieces. That I price ’em right – I sell ’em cheap. And that I happily guarantee.”

Doesn’t get much better than that.

Except for the part where you get to meet — and laugh — with Charlie T. Find Charlie T right down from the Hill Crest Inn /Cafe. Stayed tuned for more photos from Sara’s new room and another great Texas vendor you’ve got to meet!!

Check out Sara’s adorable dresser in her new little nest!