… scented candle addiction?

It’s my mom’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Mom!!!! I love you! (Super cute picture of her here … )

I had no idea what to get her for her birthday. Not that she’s difficult to buy for … it’s just that I’ve already bought her every candle I love. And the truth is, she doesn’t love candles quite as much as I do.

I don’t know many people that love candles as much as me. People that are so completely addicted to scented candles that they have them stashed in closets in case of shortage. People who sniff candles the way an addict snorts cocaine. It’s sort of a cult ~ us candle stashers and sniffers.

I could name names to prove that I am not the only one so completely addicted (Robin, Kristi, Emily, Hilliary …) but that would be wrong.

So anyway, I got my mom these cute earrings. She loved them. (We celebrated last night.)

I picked out a couple pair for me. (And Emily, who often times ‘borrows’ my earrings.)

And yes, I got a candle. For my mom. Because I haven’t bought her Voluspa yet. I love Voluspa.

It smells like her her, her house. When I sniffed this candle, it screamed out: Buy me for your mother!

It really did. So, I did. (I also believe the cat talks to me.)

I realize I have a problems. Every.body.has.problems. (Robin, Kristi, Emily, and Hilliary)

I am working on it. (Sort of … )

Maybe you can pray for me. (Or buy me some candles!!)

For now, I think I’ll go and talk to the cat about it.

And then, I’ll call my dear sweet Mother ~ and tell her happy birthday!!!!

In the meanwhile, maybe you could tell me … what’s your favorite scented candle?