Sexy Your Marriage

We’re talking marriage this week, so I thought … might as well go there. Because it’s a big deal in marriage. Or at least, it should be.

  • Get over your naked self – a whole chapter in this book talks about the necessity of deleting the negative text, the hater self talk. I promise your husband is not as obsessed with the dimple on your booty or your not so perky boobs. Your booty and your boobs, though, that’s another issue altogether.
  • Find your inner hippie – Busy isn’t sexy. Studies indicate stress creates a sexual shut down in women. Not so in men. (Probably didn’t have to tell you that …) So calm down. Take a break. Peace out, mama.
  • Create a craving – We understand craving. If you’re on a low carb diet and you’re like me, all you think about is bread, glorious, bread. You think about it. Visualize it. Become distracted by it. Try that on your husband. Cover him in carbs if you must.
  • Roommate to Playmate – It’s great to get along. And you need a man that’s your best friend. But if the sizzle has all but died out … you’ve become a roommate. Ditch the jog bra and think playmate.
  • Don’t let the ‘stuff whores’ steal your marriage – If you and your man spend all your time working to buy more stuff –  then working to keep up with all your stuff – that’ll wear the sexy right out of your marriage. Ditch, downsize and think twice before materializing your marriage.
  • And finally, let him have his happy ending – Stole this one right here. Every man thinks like this. It’s normal. It’s healthy. Jules’ husband is not the exception. He’s the rule.

Okay, there. Enough said.

And praying my kids and parents are not reading this one.

But praying the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ is …