Sharing Secrets for Christmas Sanity

Help! The holidays are fast approaching and I’m frozen in apprehension. All those advertisers have me shaking in my boots. From Sears “Holiday Best Sale” to Macy’s “Perfect Gift Sale” – I am overwhelmed just thinking about all that I should be doing to get ready for Christmas.

I was watching Martha Stewart yesterday morning trying to get motivated and noticed she had a segment called “Secret Sources.” Every day she is highlighting a shopping source and providing a link online for quick access. And while I do appreciate her sharing all her shopping secrets, I find that my budget doesn’t quite match her taste. And along with that while I love buying gifts for my family and friends, I realize that the stuff accumulated during the holidays often loses its sparkly attraction when January rolls around. It seems to me that it’s the little, thoughtful gestures that make the holidays fabulous.

So here’s the thing – I am quite sure that you have some secrets that help you sail through the holidays. Maybe it’s baking up a batch of Christmas cookies to share with your friends or maybe it’s banning home cooking altogether. Perhaps it’s putting up an artificial Christmas tree without the kids or maybe it’s taking the whole family to a tree farm and decorating together. (Also, any tips here on how to keep my cat Madeleine off our tree would be greatly appreciated. Last year, she thought our tree was a gigantic cat toy so we had no ornaments on it at all.) Or maybe you have a secret shopping source that would really help out someone like me that is looking for ways to blend gift giving and keeping the hubby happy by staying in the proposed holiday budget.

Let’s generate a list of great ideas together to make this holiday the most joyous Christmas ever!