Shopping in NYC

So, yes. While in NYC — I shopped my feet into oblivion and took an early flight home but we won’t get into that. We also won’t discuss the fact that my 23 year son thinks I’m the ultimate super weenie because I left NYC 8 hours early because ‘my feet hurt.’

What we will get into is where I did shop and what I found on my limited budget. But first you probably need to know that I’m not much of a big box girl when it comes to shopping. Though I did set foot in  Bergdorf’s — it just didn’t do anything for me. And I didn’t do Barney’s, Bloomingdales or Bendel. And I suppose I shouldn’t even tell you that I didn’t go to Macy’s because you’ll think it’s such a shame. What I really wanted — and what I searched for high and low on my bitty budget and my crazy, aching feet were the tiny treasures known as the local boutiques. The organic, homey spots in NYC.

So let me share the goodness of those goodies. Exhibit One (above) — Erica Tanov. Please visit her website. You’ll feel so groovy and hip. Almost like you stumbled into the shop itself on Elizabeth Street. And while I couldn’t afford the fabulous, pricey T-shirts. I did manage to snag some jewelry for my girls. Sara got a tiny, exquisitely braided bracelet. Little tiny beads abound and Emily got … well … I can’t say yet because she hasn’t seen it yet. It’s pictured above unopened til next weekend when I see her. But gosh — just look at the darling logo sticker. Cute! And I will tell you that it’s jewelry — and that I got both goodies for under $40. which was quite the steal for Erica’s shop.  If you’re looking for the store front on Elizabeth, make sure and pay attention because it’s easy to miss. Keep an eye out for a door like this …

Another place I grabbed some goodies was Lee’s Art Shop on 57th. Stationary, cards, pressed leaves, pens, and scented oil rounded out my purchase there. I loved Lee’s. Not because I’d never seen any of the products before but because all the products were under one roof — along with some funky lamps, furnishings and whatnot. Lee’s is the ‘department store for artists.’ See my stash below.

Finally, I satiated my craving for all things scented by stopping at Sabon. They had a lovely lotion — their ‘signature scent’ — which I found completely comforting and ultra addictive. It’s Patchouli Lavender Vanilla. Sweet, earthly and relaxing. It’s what I now call ‘the scent of New York.’

I collect smells like some collect shot glasses, coffee mugs or those weird salt & pepper shakers. Everywhere I travel, I seek out the one scent that symbolizes the trip for me. And for this trip, Sabon’s Patchouli Lavender Vanilla hand cream did it. Every time I slather up, I see the streets of NYC and I remember the time spent there. It’s perfectly wonderful.

Finally, I gathered up some goodies at the airport. Have you ever heard of Muji? I hadn’t. So I was thrilled to find a tiny spot in the Jet Blue terminal called Muji to Go. Lovely journals, socks, etc. that completely satisfied me. Though I missed Muji on Chelsea, Soho and Times Square — I was glad they saved a spot in the terminal just for me to do a little more shopping. I know it might not be local but you can only find the stores in New York City.

So there’s my shopping summary in NYC. Not a lot (which makes my husband happy) but just enough to make me one happy girl.