Simple Pairings

I know nothing about wine except that I know I love it. I am a newbie. Eager but uneducated. So this week, my 21 year old daughter and I went to a wine tasting class presented by a vineyard owner.

I had expectations that I would learn something about wine. The course description had words like: Casual. Pairings. Stuff like that. So I figured – this is good and basic. I”ll get practical information.

When we arrived, they were running late. We stood in line a bit waiting while the staff hurried around getting food on the tables. When we walked in, I realized there were no chairs; instead, the attendees (about 30 of us) were all standing around. It was confusing: Should we eat the food sitting out or wait? Approach the wine table or wait?

Finally,  someone spoke up and introduced the esteemed vineyard owner. We were instructed to approach the table (where he was with the wine) and sample one of four wines presented.

So we did. As did everyone else. But it was kind of chaotic. People were milling around talking. Walking from one room to another sampling bread, cheese and whatnot. When I looked around, everybody seemed at ease with the situation. Like they’d done it before. Except me and my daughter. As I said, eager and uneducated … probably written big and bold across our perplexed foreheads.

The class was a 2 hour event – but we ducked out after 30 minutes. And I’m sad to confess: We didn’t learn anything about wine.

As a church founder and pastor’s wife, that got me thinking:

How often do folks brave walking into church for the first time – eager and uneducated – seeking God?

And how often do they leave – perplexed and discouraged – wondering if they’ll ever feel a part?

Simple pairings speak best:

A smile and a handshake.

A program and a chair.

And most of all, communication that is everyday easy. And relevant.