Sister Secrets, Sonic Ice & Outdoor Showers

I found out recently that my sister, Linda, has been holding out on me. She went and got an ice maker installed in her house. With (nearly) genuine Sonic ice.

Uh huh. Serious.

Maybe she thought I would take advantage of this situation. It’s possible. If you had a family member with Sonic ice in her house on demand … well, you can imagine how things could get out of hand. Especially in the middle of this heat wave we’re experiencing here in Texas. We’re breaking records. In the middle of a drought. Talking about rolling black-outs.

But we’re tough and clever here in Texas: We install Sonic ice makers. And outdoor showers.

Not sure if you remember but I mentioned here that if I only had a year to live … I’d take more outdoor showers. That’s because there is nothing so crazy, delightful and freeing as taking an outdoor shower. (And yes, I did think about the fact that Google Earth is constantly snapping Big Brother pictures. But gracious people until you’ve taken an outdoor shower neked …)

Now, I read recently that when you post a blog there should always be a call to action, so here it is:

  • Contact your sister and see if she is holding out on you. Ask direct questions like: Did you recently have a (nearly) genuine Sonic ice maker installed in your house?
  • Add ‘take an outdoor shower neked’ to your bucket list.
  • And on a serious note … pray for rain in Texas. Please.