Snow & Rain :: simple thanksgiving

I was making a nice cup of hot tea yesterday morning when I heard my phone ping with a text.

It was from Will 3, our oldest, now living in Denver. Not sure if you remember but I had a mini melt-down last summer when I realized that he was moving away forever …

So anyway, he sent a text with a photo of his snow covered house! Yes, it’s just October 9th and it already snowed in Denver! Given the fact that here in Austin we’re just terribly excited that it actually rained this morning ~ that’s pretty crazy.

Seeing Will’s snow covered house reminded me of the cup of tea I was making tea in Colorado not so many months ago.

It also made me realize that a mother’s heartache is quickly replaced by a mother’s joy.

Simple thanks today for my children finding God’s path for their life and sharing it with me along the way.

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