Something New

A couple days ago, I talked about how I have a lot of ideas. And I set out some guidelines that I use to help me know how to follow my heart when those new ideas flood to the surface.

Today, I’m just gonna tease one of those ideas …

It’s got a little something to do with food. And friends. And all the fabulous ways those collide when they’re together.

As I’m working toward making this dream/idea a reality that you can actually see – I’ve realized some important things that I thought might encourage you:

  • It’s more fun when you collaborate with friends.
  • You feel much braver about a new idea when you partner with someone.
  • Creative synergy is contagious and exciting.
  • Meetings don’t seem like meetings when friends (and food) are involved. :)

If you’ve got a big idea – and you don’t know what to do with it. Think about halving your vision with a friend. Make that call. Meet for coffee. And see what comes up.

You’ll never know until you try.