Something to Smile About …

There is always something to smile about …

smile on your face

Yes. I know it’s Monday. And I recognize that many of you are quite literally snowed under in your neck of the woods. (Though it’s 56 degrees and sunny here in Austin. Don’t hate. You’re welcome anytime.)

But there really is always something to smile about …

So just this morning. I had a delightful breakfast: One egg over easy with toast. Tiny glass of orange juice. Ginormous mug of hot coffee. Made me smile.

At noon: I’m meeting with some pastors to get their voices on the radio. They’re terribly excited. Going to cut a helpful PSA for the AHA. That makes me smile.

And later: I’ll step outside and check on my cute blooming whatnot here squished up next to the jasmine. My friend, Liz, jokingly mispronounces the name of this one. She does it so often that I can only remember the mispronunciation. That is how my brain functions. It’s a wonder I was ever on radio. (Poor little flower with the inappropriate name.)

Later, might run by the barn. The barn always makes me smile. So does he. That’s Kinetic. (Let’s not even get into why he is sticking his tongue out and wearing a TAFT shirt.)

And this evening for dinner – we’ll probably head over to Zen. It’s delish. They have this new Zen burrito kind of thing called the Brawn Star … seasoned shrimp, applewood smoked bacon, cooked cabbage, roasted corn & avocado pico and serrano aioli on a flour tortilla. That makes me smile (and it makes me hungry).

Truth is – we all have something to smile about this Monday.

What do you have to smile about?