Soul Care School

Gain clarity. Recover joy. Realize rest. Live your one beautiful life!

In this mini-mester you’ll get personalized mentoring + group mentoring from the comfort of your home and an invitation to a live, signature Soul Care Experience.

Do you Feel constantly Stressed Out?

It’s understandable. We’re still dealing with pandemic fallout, people are polarized, and add in the mix scrambled our work and school rhythms. Plus a recent Gallup poll survey revealed we work 8 days a week. Yep, we cram a whole extra day into every work week. And that doesn’t account for the hours we spend trying to build a home or raise a family. No wonder we spend hours scrolling alone in front of a screen. We’re just trying to get some peace and quiet but we sure don’t find it there. Does any of this sound familiar?


You feel completely stressed and overloaded. There are so many important things going on that you don’t feel like you can take a break.


You try to schedule self-care but quickly get pulled back into work or family obligations. It’s just too hard to set a boundaries.


You feel guilty and selfish taking time away from work and family. There are so many people that need your help and you can’t say no.

What If Your Next Step was simple?

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you need. That’s why I created Soul Care School.


Soul Care School

Here’s what you’ll learn in Soul Care School:

  • Uncover your SPIRITUAL SEASON of life and how that is impacting your outlook and energy as well as life goals.
  • Discover the three STAGES of every woman’s life and identify which stage you are in right now so you move through that stage with contentment as well as relational wisdom.
  • Define your primary ROLES so you can make good decisions about your time and energy. Be available to the people you know need your biggest and best attention.
  • Identify your deepest life PRIORITIES. Learn to honor what’s the most important thing and leave the rest behind with confidence and no regrets.
  • See your SOUL for the first time and understand the unique makeup of that invisible part of you that drives all your thoughts, feelings and behavior.
  • Find redemptive PERSPECTIVE by leaving the bitterness behind. Look honestly at the challenges you’ve experienced then lean into the possibilities and promises ahead.
  • LIVE YOUR ONE BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Get settled in to what you have not what you want or admire in others. Find the contentment you’re craving.
My Style ~> Big Welcome

~> Curious Questions

~> Learning, laughter, Fun.

What Do You Get?

  • ONE Personalized Mentoring Session with me.
  • SIX live, weekly Group Mentoring Sessions led by me.
  • And an invitation to my Soul Care Celebration Experience at The Franklin, our house in small town Texas, which includes Shopping at the Round Top Antiques Show.

How Does It Works?

  • We start with a kick-off group call. You bring your tea or your kombucha and I’ll have my McDonald’s coffee. :) You’ll be instantly immersed in the group as we start this journey together.
  • From there you’ll map out your personalized mentor session via my calendar. That’s where we’ll have a heart to heart call. I can’t wait to get to know you!
  • You’ll also get instant access to our group calendar our weekly meetings.
  • You’ll receive a copy of the Soul Care School Workbook (so that you can make notes and keep pace with all that’s going on during the program).
  • At the end of our time together on Saturday March 26th, we’ll have the ultimate soul care experience! We’ll meet La Grange, Texas for morning mimosas then head out to the Round Top Antiques Show and shop til we drop. Then we’ll head back to The Franklin for Happy Hour + Small Bites to celebrate.

Let’s Get Started!

If you’ve ever needed a voice in your life to gently lead you to more grace and more joy, you’re in the right place. My most important work is creating space for you to identify and honor your deepest life priorities – and then teach you to walk in everyday wisdom as you take care of yourself and celebrate your one beautiful life.

What I Bring to the Soul Care Experience:

  • Over 30 years ago, my husband, Will Davis Jr, and I started a non-denominational church in Austin. As well as being involved leadership and vision of Austin Christian Fellowship, I also teach at our weekend services. More about ACF here.
  • Writing is a daily joy, as well as a daily discipline for me. I’ve maintained a blog for the last 13 years. As well, I have had the privilege of publishing 7 books via traditional publishers. See my books here.
  • As well as keynoting events at gatherings and retreats nationwide for the last three decades, I teach regularly at my home church, Austin Christian Fellowship. Watch my teaching messages here.
  • I started my podcast in 2016. I interview pastors, authors, psychologists and mentors. The Dear Daughters Podcast is the place to hear interesting conversations that uplift you and help you live your one beautiful life. Dear Daughters Podcast
  • My greatest joy and privilege is being a wife, mother and grandmother to the people in my life. My deepest life priorities start with God and family. See more about my family.
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We built Soul Care School for busy, stressed women who want real results in a short format. This program curriculum is a 6-week-long coursework designed to help you get the clarity, direction and rest you’re seeking.

Your schedule is important. The group of women who sign up for the SCS will come from all walks of life that’s why on our first group meeting, we’ll ask about days and times that work best for our collective meeting and make sure to take an account of your best day and time.

Things come up and schedules change so we make sure to record all meetings for your review at a later time.

You get the best of both worlds! You will have one personalized mentor session with me and six group meetings weekly during our time.

This is for you if:

  • You’re tired.
  • You need clarity.
  • You’re stressed and need a break.
  • You want inspiration and wisdom.
  • You want to leave a healthy legacy for your people.

This isn’t for you if:

  • You feel centered.
  • You have a habit of rest.
  • You don’t need a spiritual guide.
  • You already walk in everyday wisdom.
  • You don’t have dreams you want to explore.

Show Up As Your Best

Whatcha waiting for? Sign up for Soul Care School and live your one beautiful life!