Sucker Punched by Comparison

Comparison is a bully. I’ve known that for some time. It creeps up unannounced and whops you in the face.

For most women, I think that ferreting out comparison is a little tricky. Because we are wooed in by beauty.

Beautiful houses, beautiful bodies, and even beautiful blogs. (You must read what Emily wrote about how blogs can be like pornography … never thought of it like that.)

As we are wooed by the beautiful and step in close to further observe, it’s there that things can go wrong:

  • We either marvel and appreciate …
  • Or we obsess and compare and get popped in the face. Sucker punched by pretty.

I’ve been popped in the face. Numerous times. Forgetting that there is only one comparison that is healthy for me. One place to endlessly, obsessively marvel.

So, I’m going to sit quiet in my heart today and think on these things. Take a little bike ride and  remember where the beauty starts and ends.

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