That’s what I wanted to know when I saw the word surface over and over on my daughter’s facebook page and later when I heard her call her sister a tafter.

Emily Davis … what pray tell is … taft?

For a while, she simply would not tell me. But she continued to use it excessively. Tafter. That’s tafty. I’m going tafting. Let’s taft around.

It was taft that, taft this … to the point of ad nauseam. Or at least that’s what I thought until I found out what it meant. Then I started using it. Not as excessively but in a tafty, lighthearted way. The way Lemony Snicket might write about his latest unfortunate event. Or the way Emily Dickinson frequently talked of tafting angels. Because it’s funny. And happy. And because it’s so college-y.

Facebook started just like taft. In a world filled with energy, play and whimsy.  And now the word taft has become histaftory. With ten thousand trillion tafters sharing their taftimony. I imagine pretty soon it will be a movie.

SO, you ask: What the taft is taft?

And who in the world tafts? (College students taft.) How do they taft? (Difficult to explain, easy to do.) Why is the horse wearing that tafty tank? (That, I can’t explain.)

And where can I find one?!?!?!? (FB, of course.)

So chill-axe there you tentative tafter. If you have the need to know -it’s because you’re an ultra cool kinda person that probs wants to participate in a TAFTING TAFTY TUESDAY –  check out the histaftory and taftnection right here.