Take a second look …

Sometimes in life – we need to take a second look to really appreciate the things we have, the life we live.

I was reminded of this because my niece Kate did some house-sitting for us … and when she did, she took a few pictures of my backyard and I saw things from a whole new perspective.

Here is the little potted rosebush that I get frustrated with because it only blooms one tiny bud at a time.


And a vintage, garage sale find – I was sure needed a coat of paint. On my list of things to do.

Not now.

I thought my birdbath needed serious cleaning …

… why?

This old metal tub nearly made a trip to the curb til I threw on a random nail on our fence –

– it’s amazing in Kate’s eyes.

Finally, a concrete heirloom from my mother-in-laws backyard. It was playing hide n seek in my garden and Kate discovered it …

and I rediscovered it anew.

Look at your life with new eyes.

And discover the beauty that’s sitting quietly all around you.