Talk to Me

This morning, something kind of incredible happened.  Someone who is kind-of a big deal asked to talk to me. I woke up early. Ready to run down my enormous to-do list, coffee in hand when I saw my bible. I read this one. It helps me remember where I’m at … in case I spend too many days in a row ready to run down my to-do list.

I read something amazing. Here’s what it said:

My heart has heard you say,

“Come talk to me.”

And my heart responds,

” … I am coming.”

It’s just what happened this morning. I recorded it all with that Two Pen Dialogue I’ve talked a lot about. But the whole scenario just got me to thinking … it’s kind of amazing that God wants to talk to me. To spend time with me. To seek me out.

And it’s equally amazing that I could skip it because of an enormous list of things to do.

Today, I feel humbled and grateful that he called out loud enough for me to hear.

And that I had the wisdom to respond.

“I am coming.”